Race 2: Silverstone International 18.05.19

After a six week break competitors will assemble for the second round of the 70s Road Sports season on the 18 May for a 30 minute race on the Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit with a fine entry of 35 cars featuring three Ferrari 308s, three Porsche 914/6’s and a Mazda RX7 plus numerous Alfa Romeo Sprints, Spiders, GTVs and Juniors.

Qualifying for 70s begins at 11.50 for 20 minutes and the 30 minute race starts at 17.30

Live timing will be available to view at: 

Competitors poised for action at Silverstone
01Jez ClarkLotus Elan S4CTBATBA
02Adam BagnallJaguar E-Type S2ATBATBA
03Pete ConnellPorsche 924DTBATBA
04Ken RorrisonAlfa Romeo 2000 GTVDTBATBA
10Nigel AshleyLotus EuropaCTBATBA
11Howard PayneLotus EuropaCTBATBA
12Johan DenekampMarcos 1800GTINANA
14Chris BaxterLotus 7CTBATBA
16Richard GubePorsche 914-6INANA
18Robert PomeroyMorgan Plus 4INANA
19Will LeverettLotus EuropaCTBATBA
20Mark LeverettLotus ElanCTBATBA
24Charles BarterDatsun 240ZBTBATBA
25William JenkinsPorsche 914-6DTBATBA
26Glynn EvansPorsche 914-6DTBATBA
28Chris BainesPorsche 924DTBATBA
30John WilliamsPorsche 911BTBATBA
35Robert GateJaguar E-TypeATBATBA
37Nic StrongMarcos 3000GTBTBATBA
44Tom OwenDatsun 240ZINANA
45Rupert AshdownLotus ElanINANA
50Adam GittingsMG MidgetETBATBA
57Mark OldfieldPorsche 924DTBATBA
61Lawrence AlexanderAlfa Romeo AlfettaDTBATBA
64Roger SparrowPorsche 911INANA
66Trevor TaylorMazda RX7INANA
67Tim HayesAlfa Romeo SprintINANA
68Jon WagstaffAlfa Romeo 2000 GTVDTBATBA
70Steve SkipworthLotus EuropaCTBATBA
71Jim DeanLotus EuropaCTBATBA
96Adam RossAlfa Romeo SpiderDTBATBA
100Drew NicholsonAlfa Romeo GT JuniorINANA
114Jai SharmaFerrari 308BTBATBA
131Mark BennettMGB GTV8ATBATBA
151John DicksonFerrari 308BTBATBA
308Greg ThorntonFerrari 308INANA

Technical Regulations – A Helping Hand

Our aim is to ensure all cars competing in the 70s Road Sports Championship comply with the Regulations.

It has become apparent recently that many competitors rely on the word of their preparation specialists to confirm the technical specifications of their competition cars, which unfortunately as recent events have shown has not always proved to be accurate.

Eligibility Scrutineer Nigel Edwards has offered to spend time with any 70s competitor (novice or not) to guide them through the HSCC scrutineering process. 

We believe that being able to ensure with confidence that all competing cars are compliant with their correct specification will promote demonstrably fair racing and remove one area of stress from a race weekend 

Following the post race checks at Donington Park the value of being certain that your car complies with our Technical Regulations should be obvious to all. In return for his technical help and support we suggest that all competitors who take advantage of Nigel’s generous offer should at the very least reimburse Nigel’s travelling expenses

Nigel Edwards
MSAUK Scrutineer Car & Eligibility
(Licence 15190) and HTP Registrar
01903 742505 or 07875 111554

Email: nigelcedwards@hotmail.com

When contacting Nigel it would be useful if you were able to tell him whether your car has a current VIF, when the VIF was approved and whether you have made any changes to the specification of you car since the VIF was issued. Download Regulations

Race 1: Donington Park – Results

The sun shone on some great racing at Donington Park, a few of the 70s competitors had a challenging day but with a 27 car grid the early signs are that we are in for a fabulous season: Download full results

John Dickson, Ferrari leads John Williams, Porsche, Will Leverett and Dave Karaskas. Image: ©martincooperphoto

01 151 I John Dickson Ferrari 308GTB 15 00.000 1:22.440
02 130 B John Williams Porsche 911SC 15 22.449 1:24.123
03 02 A Adan Bagnall Jaguar E-Type 15 29.016 1:25.758
04 131 A Mark Bennett MGB GTV8 15 2.329 1:25.903
05 11 C Howard Payne Lotus Europa TC 15 12.493 1:25.646
06 35 A Robert Gate Jaguar E-Type 15 10.525 1:27.092
07 10 C Nigel Ashley Lotus Europa TC 14 1 Lap 1:29.753
08 101 I Peter Bowyer MGB 14 18.257 1:29.791
09 67 I Tim Hayes Alfasud Sprint 14 3.006 1:31.015
10 14 C Chris Holland Lotus Seven S4 14 3.464 1:30.740
11 68 D Jon Wagstaff Alfa Romeo 2000GTV 14 8.500 1:30.740
12 21 D Will Morton Porsche 924 14 5.277 1:32.107
13 26 I Glynn Evans Porsche 914/6 14 5.844 1:31.844
14 96 I Anthony Ross Alfa Romeo Spider 14 0.260 1:31.809
15 77 D Simon Holmesmith Alfa Romeo GTV2000 14 1.729 1:32.418
16 56 D Sarah Hutchison Lancia Beta 14 20.463 1:32.746
17 45 I Rupert Ashdown Lotus Elan 14 35.329 1:27.032
18 07 E David Tomkinson Triumph Spitfire 13 2 laps 1:34.098
19 03 D Pete Connell Porsche 924 13 3 laps 1:43.979
DNF 37 B Nic Strong Marcos 3.0GT 10 00.000 1:26.267
DNF 42 B Dave Karaskas TVR 3000M 09 00.000 1:24.543
DNF 12 D Neil Brown Lotus Eclat 03 00.000 1:34.241
DNF 100 I Drew Nicholson Alfa Romeo Junior 01 00.000 0:00.000
DQ 19 B Will Leverett Lotus Europa TC 00 00.000 0:00.000
DQ 20 B Mark Leverett Lotus Europa TC 00 00.000 0:00.000

Race 1: Donington Park 30.03.19

The 2019 racing season for the Historic Sports Car Club will get off to a flying start at Donington Park on Saturday (March 30) with a fine entry of 215 cars for an eight-race programme.

The one-day meeting at the superb East Midlands track heralds the start of the racing year. The 70s Road Sports counter features a 30 car grid. Reigning champion Jeremy Clark returns with his Lotus Elan to take on the challenge of former champion Charles Barter (Datsun 240Z), John Williams (Porsche 911SC), John Dickson (Ferrari 308GTB) and father and son Mark and Will Leverett (Lotus Elan and Europa).

There will be plenty of action and variety further down the grid with the Alfa Romeo GTV’s of Jon Wagstaff, Dave Erwin and Simon Holmesmith, taking on the Porsche 924 of Will Morton the Triumph GT6 of Martin Dyson, Sarah Hutchinson’s Lancia Beta and Neil Brown’s Lotus Eclat.

Qualifying for 70s begins at 10.00 for 15 minutes and the 20 minute race starts at 14.25

Live timing will be available to view at: 

01Jez ClarkLotus Elan S4C0000
02Adam BagnallJaguar E-Type S2A0000
07David TomkinsonTriumph SpitfireE0000
10Nigel AshleyLotus EuropaC0000
11Howard PayneLotus EuropaC0000
12Neil BrownLotus EclatD0000
14Chris HollandLotus Seven S4C0000
18Martin DysonTriumph GT6 MK3D0000
19Will LeverettLotus EuropaC0000
20Mark LeverettLotus Elan S4C0000
21Will MortonPorsche 924D0000
24Charles BarterDatsun 240ZB0000
26Glynn EvansPorsche 914-6D0000
30John WilliamsPorsche 911SCB0000
37Nic StrongMarcos 3.0GTB0000
42Dave KaraskasTVR 3000MB0000
45Rupert AshdownLotus ElanI0000
50Adam GittingsMG MidgetE0000
55Steve BellerbyTVR 3000MB0000
56Sarah HutchisonLancia BetaD0000
61Lawrence AlexanderAlfa AlfettaD0000
67Tim HayesAlfasud SprintI0000
68Jon WagstaffAlfa Romeo 2000GTVD0000
74Mike NeumannAlfa Romeo 2000GTVD0000
76Dave ErwinAlfa Romeo 2000GTVD0000
77Simon HolmesmithAlfa Romeo 2000GTVD0000
96Adam RossAlfa Romeo SpiderI0000
100Drew NicholsonAlfa Romeo GTI0000
101Peter BowyerMGB GTI0000
131Mark BennettMGB GT V8A0000
151John DicksonFerrari 308GTBB0000

Tom Pryce Celebration Anglesey

Tom Pryce, Shadow DN5,
The career of Welsh F1 driver Tom Pryce will be celebrated at Anglesey Circuit in July 2019

On Saturday & Sunday July 13/14 the life of Tom Maldwyn Pryce, one of the quickest F1 drivers of the 1970s will be celebrated at the Anglesey circuit in North Wales this summer when the Historic Sports Car Club’s first race meeting at the spectacular track is dedicated to the talented Welsh Formula 1 racer.

The Tom Pryce Memorial Race Meeting will honour the memory of a hugely popular driver who had a meteoric rise to fame and a flourishing Grand Prix career that was tragically curtailed by an accident in the 1977 South African Grand Prix.

As well as honouring the memory of this unassuming young racer from North Wales, the weekend will support the memorial fund being established to provide a permanent memorial to Tom in his home town of Denbigh. 

Other races on the schedule for a busy weekend at the Anglesey track include 70s Road Sports, Historic Road Sports, Historic Touring Cars, Historic Formula 3/Classic Racing Cars, Historic Formula Junior and Historic Formula Ford 2000.

Andy Dee-Crowne, CEO of the HSCC, said: “We are delighted to be taking a full weekend of HSCC racing to the superb circuit at Anglesey for the first time. It is wholly appropriate to honour the life of Tom Pryce, a quiet hero from North Wales who was destined for the very top of the sport. Having the inaugural Formula Atlantic races along with Historic Formula Ford on the programme provides a perfect link to Tom’s formative years.”

Invitation Class

Alfa Romeo, Silverstone Wing
Cars are from the correct era which comply with the spirit of the Championship Regulations but do not possess the correct VehicleI Identification Forms can race with 70s in the Invitation Class

As a Championship we have a robust, well thought out set of regulations to allow road driven sports and GT cars of the 70s era to compete at the best circuits in the UK.

All cars registered for the 70s Road Sports Championship must have a current HSCC Vehicle Identification Form (VIF). No competitor can claim Championship points unless their VIF has been approved by the Registrar.

Cars from the same era which do not have a current VIF may be accepted at the invitation of the HSCC subject to the completion of a Vehicle Detail Form (VDF). The Invitation class is solely to encourage competitors to join the 70s Championship and should not be used as a means to bypass the Regulations to enter a car that has been modified beyond the championship regulations to gain a performance advantage.

The organisers reserve the right to exclude any car they feel does not comply with the intent of the Championship Regulations.

Should the entry list for any event be oversubscribed cars registered for the Championship will take priority over any Invitation entries.

Penalties 2019

The 2019  70s Road Sports Championship Technical Regulations will include penalties that will apply for non-compliance, these will apply at all times.

Penalites for non-compliance are as follows :
Non-compliance at scrutineering & before qualifying:
An opportunity to comply without penalty;
Non-compliance after qualifying:
An opportunity to comply but will start from the back of the grid;
Any car that doesn’t meet the regulations will be placed in the Invitation Class and start from the back of the grid;
Non-compliance at post race scrutineering:
Any car that doesn’t meet the regulations identified after the race will be excluded from the results.

Datsun 240Z, Cadwell Park, Scrutineering Bay

70s Austin Healey & MG Cup

MG Midget
A new award for drivers of Austin Healey Sprites and MG Midgets has been introduced to the 70s Championship this year

The Austin Healey & MG Cup will be a sub-class within the small-engined Class E category of the overall championship. Cup competitors will also be eligible for Class E of the 70s Road Sports Championship and for the overall 70s Road Sports Championship.

Both 1275cc and 1493cc cars are eligible.No Cup rounds will require higher than a National B status licence. In the event of any 70s Road Sports Championship rounds requiring higher than this, they will not count towards the Cup. However, this does not stop Cup competitors entering any higher status events if they have the correct licence.

The HSCC is very grateful to Ted O’Day for drafting the Regulations and Peter May Engineering for its support of this initiative.