Penalties 2019

The 2019  70s Road Sports Championship Technical Regulations will include penalties that will apply for non-compliance, these will apply at all times.

Penalites for non-compliance are as follows :
Non-compliance at scrutineering & before qualifying:
An opportunity to comply without penalty;
Non-compliance after qualifying:
An opportunity to comply but will start from the back of the grid;
Any car that doesn’t meet the regulations will be placed in the Invitation Class and start from the back of the grid;
Non-compliance at post race scrutineering:
Any car that doesn’t meet the regulations identified after the race will be excluded from the results.

Eligibility checks will be more thorough in 2019 and penalties for non-compliance will be applied without exception.


The Austin Healey & MG Cup will be a sub-class within the small-engined Class E category of the overall championship. Cup competitors will also be eligible for Class E of the 70s Road Sports Championship and for the overall 70s Road Sports Championship.

Both 1275cc and 1493cc cars are eligible.No Cup rounds will require higher than a National B status licence. In the event of any 70s Road Sports Championship rounds requiring higher than this, they will not count towards the Cup. However, this does not stop Cup competitors entering any higher status events if they have the correct licence.

The HSCC is very grateful to Ted O’Day for drafting the Regulations and Peter May Engineering for its support of this initiative.